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Physical chemistry for materials science

Takayuki Tanaka  ,  Associate Professor

Graduate School of Engineering

  • Mar 9, 2023
  • 4 min


The current research activities of our lab cover the following areas:
1) Microwave-based noncontact evaluation of charge carrier transport properties in bulk, at interface, and under high pressure.
2) Development of novel spintronics devices utilizing chiral organic molecules
3) Design and synthesis of novel functional organic molecules having unique molecular shapes and properties.
4) Synthesis and characterization of organic radicals.
5) Fabrication of nanowires via solid-state polymerization/cross-linking reactions triggered by high energy single particles.

Academic Staff
Shu SEKI [Professor]
Masayuki SUDA [Associate Professor]
Takayuki TANAKA [Associate Professor]
Yusuke TSUTSUI [Assistant Professor]
Wookjin CHOI [Program Specific Assistant Professor]